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This message board is for anyone with comments, questions, or topical insight about the band known as Oracle, or about live music in general.

Our fans are welcome to publish their comments here. We'll also happily answer any questions about hiring a band.

Some general ground rules

Nobody under the age of 13 is permitted to post to this message board.  This is not our rule, it comes from, the sponsors of the board.  Additionally, any obscene, illegal, or inappropriate posts will be removed immediately at the discretion of the band.

Wrap Up

Finally, a comment about the fields. We respect your privacy. The e-mail address field is NOT a required field. Also, in the "Name" field, you don't need to provide your full name...a screenname or just your first name is fine.

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One Last Thing

We'd like to thank you for visiting our message board. If you haven't been there already, please take the opportunity to explore the rest of the Oracle Band's website. A Table of Contents is included below.

We greatly value your feedback, so please come here and post often. We really want to hear from you!

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