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All owners of mythical creatures, such as dragons & griffins, or any creature not specifically allowed by the rules of WM, but that has recieved special permission from WSS to be played, must register their character here. This is to ensure stricter control over the breeding and playing of these creatures and to prevent illegal mythicals.

If your mythical creature breeds, please have the final owner (the one who names and plays the mythical) of the offspring register the newborn here. The breeding board will be watched carefully and compared to registrations here to ensure all mythical breedings and creatures are legal.

Please be sure to check back at this board occasionally after registering, to make certain there are no questions regarding your registration. Thanks! Additionally, any mythical or special permission creature registering on this board need not register on the name registry board.

To register, please post a message with the following information:

Name of mythical:
Name of mythical's owner:
Gender of mythical:
Side of mythical (eg. good, neutral, evil):
Species of mythical (griffin, type of dragon, etc):
Birthdate of mythical:
Parents of mythical:
(If mythical was given to you by WSS, put WSS here)

Updates are posted on a monthly basis regarding which mythical creatures are reaching the end of their lifespans. Please check back here on a regular basis.

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