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Welcome to Company K, 335th Infantry (Crackerjack Blue King), 84th Division (Railsplitters), A DISTINGUISHED WORLD WAR II FIGHTING UNIT: Lindern on the Siegfried Line (PRESIDENTIAL UNIT CITATION); Battle of the Bulge {defense of Marche-en-Femenne, Rochefort, and counter reconnaissance patrol—Grupont, Bure, Tellin, Givet (FRENCH CROIX DE GUERRE); Devantave; Ourthe; Hoven and Roer to Rhine breakthrough; Weser crossing and Eisbergen; Hannover; and Restorf-Pevestorf. The memoir "Dear Captain, et al." tells the story (42 men killed in action, 166 wounded, 116 evacuated for illness, and 90 missing in action (POW’s): draftees, regular Army, ASTP boys from colleges and universities, and replacements). A sequel "War's Wake" is about the aftermath. "The Girl of the Foxhole Dreams" is an eBook version of "War's Wake." INFORMATION: click the underlined links.

Railsplitter Photos is a collection of 84th Division wartime photographs. Over Here: How the G.I. Bill Transformed the American Dream, by Edward Humes, profiles the author of Dear Captain, et al. and eleven other WW II veterans. The War Years of a Teenager, by Eugene Cowles, is a memoir from Company B, 335th Infantry.

AMERICA’S WW II CITIZEN SOLDIERS! WE SALUTE THEM ALL WITH PRIDE! We have a data base containing records, compiled from morning reports, for 579 men who served in Company K-335. To search in relation to your father, grandfather, or other person, post here for response by the board's host. We also have the postwar division roster, the official division history, and after-combat reports for the 335th Infantry. Post here for information about personnel, battles, and casualties, or to tell a Railsplitter's wartime/postwar story. We may also be able to provide advice about research sources.


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