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This is the Official NASA Organizational Forum. The NASA web site can be located at www.nasa-sports.com No promoting of any organization other than NASA Powerlifting is allowed. No promoting of any other Forum is allowed. No Links to any other non NASA related Forum are allowed. This forum is strictly for the use of NASA Members and invited guests only. This forum is open for discussion on ALL current events in the world today, NASA Powerlifting and the real world. This is NOT a strictly Powerlifting Forum. Jokes and humor are allowed and encouraged. Just keep it relatively clean. Some posts may consist of satire humor. Make sure you know and understand what satire humor is before you speak and make a complete fool of yourself. It's permissible to have a sense of humor on this site. If you are looking for the NASA Training Forum please visit our Web Site for the link or go to http://members.boardhost.com/krnlpeterssold/

The Administrators of this Forum are not responsible for the Postings of 3rd Parties, and Postings that are Deemed Inappropriate will be Removed, and the Posters may be Banned. No trouble makers, forum hoppers or disgruntled lifters allowed here. ALL POSTS, ARTICLES AND PICTURES ON THIS FORUM ARE COPYRIGHTED 2015-2016 BY NASA POWERLIFTING. Copying any post from this forum for use on another forum or web site is STRICTLY forbidden and the person responsible will be banned from this Forum immediately and dealt with accordingly.

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