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    Re: Pania Brass Monkey Archived Message

    Posted by Yoey on 19/8/2012, 7:27 pm, in reply to "Re: Pania Brass Monkey"

    Another TOP effort and turnout.
    Today we had 28 fisher people on the beach going hard out. 25 kahawai, 3 couda and a red cod weighed in. This tops off the biggest Brass Monkey competition we have had for a very long long time, both by numbers on the beach and fish weighed in. Bloody awesome. Mrs Yoey took out the heaviest fish pot with her kahawai of 2.12kg, just heading off Sue from Team Kemsley by only .02grams. . Team D, Hamish, Gloria and Neville were top Team with a bag weight of 10.81kg.
    I wonder who got home and prepared to fillet fish and "WHOA" where's the chilly bin. "Trisho, I think I have done a Gary Kemsley"
    "You're kidding, you mean you have left the chilly bin behind"
    Thankfully newby Andy picked it up and it is now tucked away, fish ready for smoker, now where are those papers?

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