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    Re: Rover 200 Mk2 95/6 Intermittent wipe Archived Message

    Posted by Barry Rudd on January 4, 2006, 8:42 am, in reply to "Rover 200 Mk2 95/6 Intermittent wipe"

    When the relay pulses for abot 1/2 sec the wiper arm moves and the park sw in the motor takes over and continues the sweep until it reaches the park posn.
    Put your wipers on slow speed and switch them off--if they stop dead then 99% its the park sw (the worn contact can be seen under the removable plastic cover on the motor)
    Although, it can be difficult to get your head around wiper circuits as the park circuit goes back to the sw via the relay and returns to the motor and on this car is neg sw. So in theory it could be any of the components But my money would be on the park sw--some times pressing on the plastic cover will allow the contact to make and prove the fault without wiring diagrams or multimeters

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