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    Re: Automotive technician accreditation Archived Message

    Posted by Graham Bullock on July 20, 2005, 10:50 pm, in reply to "Re: Automotive technician accreditation"

    Thanks for that info. I don't know what to think though. It looks like somebody without access to all the modern diagnostic equipment or is not very conversant with it will be limited to being a service technician, even if they just work on classic or older vehicles and are "masters" in their own field. I fear this may be the start of garage licensing in the sense that those with ATA's will be able to become licensed but those without ATA's will be left behind.

    I don't have code reading facilities because of the expense, and limited return in our area. I pass the work on. I don't consider this makes me or my garage any less reputable because I am honest with my customers. The problems I see in this trade are nearly always caused by people saying they can do a job when they can't. In many ways I am happy to learn just enough to know what I can touch and what I can't and then be honest about it.


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