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    Posted by Colin Batten on August 3, 2005, 7:53 am, in reply to "MOTs"

    We have been live since early May and are a high volume testing station.
    We now charge full price 44.15 for initial test.
    We turn more away than we actually carry out.
    We also charge full price for retests (previously free if returned within 7 days) if the car has been taken away,unless returned by the end of the next working day with minor defects(Fast track retest)Free if failures are left with us for repairs-which most are(i.e partial retests)
    We also discourage traders (38)-they normally want you to tell them what needs doing.We charge traders retest yes another 38 so now they check the vehicle first.
    I guess it depends on how many tests you do or how many you need.Most of our customers get us to do the repairs anyway or have it serviced on the same day so retest fee rarely applies. Why do retests for free when it will take at least 1/2 hr of someones time to do it.The key is to get the car to pass first time wherever possible.


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