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    Re: New car servicing Archived Message

    Posted by dave mittell on August 18, 2005, 9:08 am, in reply to "New car servicing"

    We have only been up and running 3 months. We have included in all our advertising that we can service new cars whilst still under warranty. The way i have worded it is that i guarantee a saving and a better level of service than the main dealer. The way i sell it to the customer is by explaining the bonus schemes in place in most main dealers and this usually convinces them they are getting more for there money. The better level of service is that i take the wheels off on every service and not just the ones it tells you to. And i wash and hoover all cars serviced. Good job to keep the apprentice busy and gives you the wow factor to the customer. I include a copy of the service sheet with the invoice with anything additional written on the bottom. We havent had any problems yet. Also i am looking into how i can get doing the warranty work as i knowe of a few local garages doing warranty work for the manufacturers apparantly volkswagen audi are the easiest to get the claims out of. So anyone with any information for me it would be much appreciated.

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