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    Re: MOT Station and my future! Archived Message

    Posted by Rob Drinkwater on September 3, 2005, 10:51 am, in reply to "Re: MOT Station and my future!"

    There are ways around the 'NEW' MOT station problem. It seems the most common one is to carry on trading the MOT station bit of the business as the old trading name, even if you change the name of the garage. You would just find that the MOTs would be carried out on behalf of the garage.

    i.e. the garage could be called 'Joe Bloggs Garage' with MOTs carried out by the original name maybe 'Fred Smith Motors'.

    We have had a few of them around here recently, where the original MOT station owner has pulled out & a new owner taken it on.

    This seems to get around some of the problems. Indeed some premesis wouldn't even get an MOT station again, if you shut it down & retsarted, due to design, space etc.

    Best bet is to make an appointment with you local VoSA inspector & see what would be required.

    Regards Rob.

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