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    Re: This lead is expensive autodiagnos !!!!!!!!!! Archived Message

    Posted by Barry Eger on September 23, 2005, 8:35 pm, in reply to "This lead is expensive autodiagnos !!!!!!!!!!"

    Its a null modem cable thats needed and I bought mine at a local computer fair for 2.50 and I extended it with a standard serial cable (5 mts) which cost 5.00.

    But if your looking for an AD expensive cable my multi can bus cable went down last month, suddenly I had no comms with it, but could get in with my old original cables. Fortunately it was covered under warranties, the invoice price for the set (cable to connect scanner to can adapter, can adapter and can to eobd cable) 763.75

    I still wouldn't be without my AD though


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