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    GMail Disc Drive 2.5G of storage space Archived Message

    Posted by Peter Warman on October 15, 2005, 8:57 pm

    Hi All

    I hope this post does not sound to geeky, but Google are offering you a 2.5G virtual hard drive for FREE

    You can store important data, files even build a wave form library that will never be lost. You can transfer files from work to home or home to work, e-mail them directly to friends or other members

    Once it is set up, it is listed under your drives (GMail Drive) in windows explorer or click on the my computer icon on your desktop

    1) First you will need a G-Mail account (e-mail account). If you do not have one then send me an e-mail (members only) and i will send you an invitation to sign up

    2) Go to this site:, go to the bottom of the page and download the file, once downloaded, run the application and this will install the GMail Drive on your PC

    3) You can then drag files onto the GMail Drive, they are uploaded onto your new 2.5G virtual drive for storage,

    So never loose any of them important files or waveforms ever again

    Have fun


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