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    We have to concede that if Hillary had been elected this Trump trade-war fuelled Archived Message

    Posted by ZEVolution on October 30, 2018, 8:27 am, in reply to "The 'invitable' coming war with China?"

    ..stand-off and escalation would never have occurred.
    Trump is a crude, maniacal mafia-mobster-style business warrior who's always been pathologically incapable of tolerating business rivals - they have to be defeated and preferably humiliated: his ego needs it - even at his age.
    Sure - Hillary is a pro-corporatocracy hypocrite but she's no psychopathic, egomaniacal, uneducated, semi-literate trade-war-monger.
    So again - where is there a crazed, lone presidential assassin when you - and the world/planet - need one ?
    Bring it on...for once the ends would definitely justify the means.
    Or a timely "natural" heart-attack or stroke perhaps ?

    I'm just read Trump's glowing international obituaries, aren't you ?

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