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    Jonathan Cook on the torment of Julian Assange Archived Message

    Posted by Mary on September 7, 2020, 10:36 am

    For years, journalists cheered Assange’s abuse. Now they’ve paved his path to a US gulag
    6th September 2020

    'A journalist and publisher has been deprived of his liberty for 10 years. According to UN experts, he has been arbitrarily detained and tortured for much of that time through intense physical confinement and endless psychological pressure. He has been bugged and spied on by the CIA during his time in political asylum, in Ecuador’s London embassy, in ways that violated his most fundamental legal rights. The judge overseeing his hearings has a serious conflict of interest – with her family embedded in the UK security services – that she did not declare and which should have required her to recuse herself from the case.'

    Shame on those MSM scribblers.

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