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    Missed this. Nick Robinson and Mark Regev Archived Message

    Posted by Mary on September 9, 2020, 9:18 am

    'Political Thinking' LOL More like shilling for Israel. 3rd July 2020
    Nick Robinson @bbcnickrobinson
    The voice of #Israel ⁦@MarkRegev ⁩ - former Ambassador to the UK - talks to Political Thinking about his journey from Australian socialist kibbutznik to becoming a close aide to ⁦@IsraeliPM ⁩ & explains why hes optimistic about peace

    A comment in the thread - 'Replying to
    @bbcnickrobinson @MarkRegev and @IsraeliPM

    "close aid to Netenyahu" "optimistic about peace", this is why you're paid the big bucks Nick! '

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