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    Posted by Ian M on September 10, 2020, 8:19 am, in reply to "XR Rebel Daily #6"

    Rolling Rebellion. Global Newsletter 43

    September 08, 2020 by Extinction Rebellion

    Dear rebels,

    A global wave of (rock and) rolling rebellions is upon us. With immense courage, cunning and care, rebels are returning to the streets in a dozen countries all across the globe.

    As we all know, itís been a strange and tough few months, and a huge amount of thought and discussion has gone into the decision to return to the streets. Despite our cheerful tone, rebellion is not something we do lightly or without considering the consequences. On the contrary, consequence is something we take very seriously.

    Swedish rebels showing us how itís done, with their exemplary social-distanced, colourful Rebellion.

    Our governments and leaders have so far failed to listen to the science or act appropriately in the face of the mounting emergency. Despite all of the genuine and devastating issues of the present day, our relationship to the climate will undoubtedly be the defining choice of our generation.

    Itís up to us to demand a response to the crisis looming before us. We do this for the future of our children. We do this for each other. We do this for ourselves. Because we want to live.

    The choice is simple: Rebellion, or extinction.

    Five countries have already seen a flurry of inspiring actions Ė from pink elks in Sweden to fake blood outside the Trump Tower in NYC, not to mention all the colourful antics of the UK Rebellion. Read below to get all the beautiful details.

    And itís not too late to get involved. Gather your local rebels, get trained up and get those banners flying!

    Also in this issue, we highlight an upcoming Fashion Act Now, aimed at transforming the international fashion industry and boycotting international Fashion Week. More info below!

    ĎWe love the Earthí

    Finally, we draw attention to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project which is supported by Standard Bank. XR South Africa is calling on all rebels to spread the word about boycotting Standard Bank. See here for further details.


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