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    Posted by Tomski on September 12, 2020, 2:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Y axis"

    Agree, it's not earth shattering from that perspective : ). This part, i.e. the economic 'analysis', is like they are looking into the entrails for the trend (nice straight downward line).

    It's a bit of an enigma - where is this going? Why are the Chinese still holding on to their US assets?

    Meanwhile, the rest e.g. the military and technological analysis seems relatively decent. I take it on trust that the Chinese navy has overtaken the US one. Similarly with technological innovation. I always remember the way I looked at Sony goods way back in the 60s, thinking it was crappy and compare it to where we are now. Will China be able to out-innovate the US in the future? I'd say yes, if they can develop BRI i.e. the markets. The US is obviously on their tail .

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