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    Manufacturing Disgrace: Reuters Distorts Chevron v. Donziger Archived Message

    Posted by brooks on September 13, 2020, 12:42 pm

    Important article by Joe Emersberger on the attempts by oil giant Texaco/Chevron to crush a human rights lawyer working on behalf of the corporation's victims in Ecuador, and on the media's continuing whitewash, censorship by omission being the preferred strategy as usual. Excerpt (link below):

    Many of the key facts I’ve just outlined above are impossible to learn by relying on Reuters’ extensive coverage—32 articles since November of 2013. None of them explained why there was no jury in the trial Kaplan presided over (because Chevron dropped its demand for monetary damages). None explained how Chevron (with Kapaln’s blessing) was able to go wild with discovery on Donziger while shielding itself from it, and never had to defend Texaco’s environmental record in Ecuador. None mentioned that a Chevron PR consultant declared internally in 2000 that the corporate “strategy is to demonize Donziger” (Intercept, 1/29/20). Only two articles (4/20/15, 12/16/15) vaguely mentioned that Chevron fought to move the case to Ecuador, but the articles did not say that this was a nearly decade-long process, or that Chevron had promised the US court that sent the case back to Ecuador that it would abide by Ecuadorian jurisdiction.

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