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    Posted by Tomski on September 14, 2020, 9:22 pm, in reply to "Re: Chomsky . Trump v Biden"

    You hint that Vidal was right in his day but things are relevantly different now. That would imply that the two capitalist parties were farther apart on this issue than they now. It would imply the radical base of the Democrats was more radicalised than it is now. Information please

    Have you thought what you are saying? Are you hoping for the victory of a quasi-fascist party because it will bring capitalist contradictions into the. open and radicalise the crushed and defeated Democrats? We have heard the kind of talk before.

    My reading of Gore Vidal was in late 80s until 2005 odd. Probably 10 odd books which unfortunately disappeared during my travels. My comment was wide-brush, from my recollection of the general slant of his writings; about the 2 party system in the US being corrupt to the core and his early recognition that the US is an oligarchic empire run by corporations. From that perspective, no change, and it is in my view the rot he described then has got much worse since he died in 2012.

    I recall him being quite close politically to Ralph Nader, but dont remember him commenting on hopey-changey Obomber. I think he commented approvingly on Occupy movement at some point.

    I dont have a skin in the game about Trump vs. Biden outcome. Its all the same to me. I was just commenting what would be the likely outcome if Trump wins vis--vis Dems radicalisation. My favourite outcome would be a formation of the third party, which is not something which will happen soon enough.

    Vidals closeness to the Establishment is precisely what gave him insight into their corruption.

    I agree.

    At the time when he was closest to JFK he produced a forgotten novel Washington DC which gave a deadly portrait of that warrior prince as a man on the make whose only moral code was the Mafia rule that favours must be returned

    I cannot remember if I read this book, but it seems likely that he said this. I have a vague recollection that JFKs dad may have been involved with bootlegging during Prohibition ... maybe.

    Chomsky has always advocated that once every four years, in a swing state state where there is an appreciable worse option, you should vote against it. I don't see how that fact that has always said that makes it wrong

    Although I admire Chomsky, I think the time has passed for the lesser evil politics imv.


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