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    Lee Camp: Top 10 People to Blame if Joe Biden Loses (It's Not The Left) Archived Message

    Posted by sashimi on October 21, 2020, 10:18 am

    Let's get ready for a blame game. If he loses to one of the most
    racist, megalomaniacal presidents in history it won't be the Left's

    So, Joseph Biden, AKA "Kid Senile," leads in the polls against Donald
    Trump, AKA "Kid Fascist Lunatic," by such a large margin that it
    resembles a horse race in which one of the horses is an aged donkey.

    Right now, even though the polling does not account for the millions
    of voters who have been unceremoniously booted from the voter rolls,
    many people believe Biden is going to become the next drunken pilot of
    the American Empire - a position which has less power than most people
    imagine as the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street roll on
    undeterred due to their unimaginable inertial force like boulders in
    an avalanche.

    But there are countless reasons Biden could still lose, and even
    though I generally think the two corporate parties consist of sham
    snake-oil salesmen dancing with their asses out, I just want to
    preemptively make it clear who Democrats should blame IF Joe Biden
    snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Because they're going to blame us - those of us who aren't showering
    praise and love on surly Joe like he's Moses here to lead us to the
    Promised Land where Kinder Bueno grows on trees and Horny Goat
    Weed-spiked Red Bull Yellow Edition rains from the skies.

    So here are the Top 10 People And Things To Blame IF Joe Biden Loses!
    ... against one of the most racist, megalomaniacal, shit-for-brains,
    man-child rent-a-clown presidents the country has ever seen.
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