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    The Assistance, Not the Resistance - How the Democratic Party Enables Trump and Fascism Archived Message

    Posted by sashimi on October 23, 2020, 9:17 am

    by Erin McCarley and Birrion Sondahl

    As Amy Coney Barrett is expected to be confirmed today as the next
    Justice to the Supreme Court, one might expect to see more news
    coverage of the multiple ways Congressional Democrats have tried to
    block her confirmation. Given the massive groundswell of anguish and
    fury over her nomination to replace the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
    the corporate media and top Democrats, themselves, have seemed
    strangely silent, as if early on, they had already surrendered to the
    inevitable. Why this silence and why a lack of options, when
    progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have called for using
    "every tool at our disposal," and when Congressional aides are
    circulating a memo on Capitol Hill outlining multiple tactics for
    stalling this confirmation?

    For the past four years, the US news media has been dominated by Trump
    and his daily atrocities. Always on edge and on call, the US public
    has become captive to what sociopathic and outrageous act he will
    perform next... what racist, sexist, or fascist scandal will befall
    the nation with each passing day. These daily scandals come like
    clockwork, and while terrible for the country, they have made the
    corporate media very happy. Since ratings (and profits) rely on
    click-bait, scandal and spectacle, Trump has provided the media daily
    fodder since before the 2016 primaries, and news outlets have been
    more than happy to give him the lion's share of the news coverage.

    These crises and spectacles dominating our mediascape also serve a
    more covert political function in our broader politics. Trump is the
    perfect foil and a classic villain- easy to hate based on his
    sociopathic personality, his multiple crimes (for which he's never
    punished), and his inflammatory, hateful rhetoric that keeps the media
    wheels spinning 24/7. While Trump and his terrible minions are always
    on the main stage, the corporatists of both parties are working behind
    the scenes in relative obscurity. What becomes hidden behind the
    curtain of Trump's daily scandals is the fact that both parties are
    entrenched in oligarchy. And as our nation's wealth consolidates at
    the top and our national politics move further and further to the
    right, the media spotlight is always on the villainous Trump, and not
    the ruling elite of both parties who are starving the masses. The fact
    the Democratic Party continually fails to be a real opposition party
    to oligarchy or fascism is hardly a profitable news topic, and so it
    falls off the radar into darkness.

    Any objective political analysis of Congressional dynamics could
    readily conclude that Democratic complicity is just as dangerous as
    Trump, and perhaps even more so, since so few people are paying
    attention to it. And since the corporate media hardly covers the
    failings of the Democratic establishment, it's left up to us, the
    independent media, to shine a light on these systemic failings.
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