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    Re: NATO Chickens Home to Roost Archived Message

    Posted by Ken Waldron on October 23, 2020, 6:19 pm, in reply to "NATO Chickens Home to Roost"

    "Thatís why Emmanuel Macronís appeal to Russia to do more to fight terrorism is deserving of contempt. For the French state, among other NATO powers, was a sponsor of the very kind of jihadist terror that now haunts it. France is reaping a bitter harvest from seeds of terror that it and its NATO allies sowed in Syria."

    It's even more absurd considering the murderer was in regular contact with a Chechen member of the west's favourite Al Khaidir Jihadi "freedom fighters" in Idlib and apparently "inspired" by them.
    -Putin would therefore have laughed in his face at any attempt to blame Russia.
    Macron's not stupid enough to attempt that one: this looks to me to be a tentative French rapprochement to Russia being-media spun as an admonishment.

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