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    Sadhguru calls for ethnic cleansing of Native Americans Archived Message

    Posted by Ian M on October 25, 2020, 11:39 am

    I've been punishing myself by watching this 'mystic'[sic]s progress around the US on his motorbike (the people I'm living with dote on his every word, see below: ) There's this one at starved rock, where he comes to the stunning conclusion that we shouldn't be 'cruel' and 'see ourselves as one people':

    There are various local legends about how Starved Rock got its name. The most popular is a tale of revenge for the assassination of Ottawa leader Pontiac, who was killed in Cahokia on April 20, 1769, by an Illinois Confederation warrior. According to the legend, the Ottawa, along with their allies the Potawatomi, avenged Pontiac's death by attacking a band of Illiniwek along the Illinois River. The Illiniwek climbed to the butte to seek refuge, but their pursuers besieged the rock until the tribe starved to death, thereby giving the place the name "Starved Rock". The legend sometimes maintains, falsely, that this resulted in the complete extermination of the Illiniwek. Apart from oral history, there is no historical evidence that the siege happened. An early written report of the legend was related by Henry Schoolcraft in 1825.[13] -

    And this one where because the terrain is a 'wide open country' that makes the native americans ... spiritual or something, and that's why they say 'the truth is blowing in the wind' [citation needed]:

    The one that really dropped my jaw was when he felt like he could start offering his sage advice, as he begins to do in this interview with the native guy from the Black Eyed Peas:

    After a lot of hedging and disclaimers about it being 'controversial' he comes out with this:

    'We have to arrive at some common thing because cultivating and retaining 500 ways in today’s world is going to be extremely difficult. Five ways, at least we can do, maybe three ways we can do, one way would be easy, but maybe it’s not acceptable to everybody. But we must, the community should arrive at some kind of thing, that some common practices can be merged together and all native american children are learning those aspects, maybe a few aspects of their specific tribe, but the larger aspect of the indigenous people must become common. […] Today it is all about branding … I don’t think native american people, their products, their language, their clothing, has been branded properly. I think it needs branding.'

    It really shows up his priorities. Not maintaining the uniqueness and specificity of each culture that has evolved in place over thousands of years, but picking out a few different bits, slapping them together and presenting it for consumption as a homogenised branded identity. Look at the list of them - estimated at 296 in the N.Americas, not 500 btw - to get a sense of the scale of the simplification he's calling for: Many more having been driven extinct, and a large number currently in dire threat of being lost, and due to the same socio-economic forces this clown wants them to wh0re themselves to. I'm amazed the BEP guy didn't tear him a new one, though he did at least introduce the notion of cultural appropriation and that you had to have some sensitivity and ask permission before stealing cultural artifacts or practices for the purpose of making money.

    The man doesn't give a f* basically. He's just a salesman of his own bogus grab bag of corporate-friendly, phoney spiritualism. See how generously he replies to this recovering alcoholic, offering access to his ‘inner engineering’ online course to all Native Americans ‘at a very very low price, in terms of just covering costs for ourselves’:

    The 'Isha Institute of Inner Sciences' was built on the site of the Cherokee 'trail of tears', presumably without native permission or engagement, because 'pain is good manure if you know how to use it':

    'In many ways, I was drawn to this place not for its beauty, but more for its pain. About fifteen years ago, I was close by, at the Center Hill Lake, and I happened to encounter a very painful situation. A frozen spirit, bleeding with pain. The encounter with this being was probably one of the most painful moments in my life. It was then that I started noticing such a deep sense of pain in many parts of this land. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it will play out in human lives. If a rock can suffer, a human being will definitely not be spared; untold suffering will simply happen without any obvious reason.

    Something that you cannot understand, something that you cannot grasp, something that you cannot contain within yourself must happen to you.

    Much later, I came to know that this area is known as the Trail of Tears, where immense suffering and pain happened to Native Americans. These people are as much a part of the earth as the trees, and because of their nature, their pain does not float in the air – it sticks to the earth. We have witnessed this in many places. One way or the other, those who are in tune with what is around them, particularly the land, will leave imprints – whether it is their joy or their misery. The people who walked this land were not people who wanted to go to another planet. They knew they had come from the earth, and their entire process was about how to deeply connect with it. That is their knowing, that is their wisdom, and that is their life. So when they suffered, they left pools of pain all over the place.

    Those of you who came during the first couple of years when we moved here could feel the brooding sense of pain all the time. Now, it has largely been cleared, and in many ways, this consecration will be the final step of clearing this up – not just for our property, it will generally do that in the region. This is not about some kind of special interest I have in Warren County – it is just that pain is good manure if you know how to use it. Where there is good manure, there will be good flower and fruit. Many things are bound to happen in the coming years – with us and beyond us.'

    Translated: here's a place with lots of desperate, unhappy people. I bet I could make a ton of money off them selling fake solutions to their problems, none of which involve studying their history or the real, material causes for their ongoing impoverishment, enslavement and eventual extinction, and naturally not fighting back against this process because that would be staying 'wounded', not being 'wise'.


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