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    Posted by Gerard on October 26, 2020, 10:43 am, in reply to "Re: Chechnya.."

    "The encroachment of US-sponsored mujahidin operatives linked to Osama bin Laden transformed the character of the Chechen resistance movement by the late 1990s. Al-Qaeda’s hardline Islamist ideology was empowered, at the expense of Chechnya’s populist Sufi culture and traditions."

    Let's not forget who suffered or the pre-existing conditions....any decent alt-media type knows that peoples do not choose terrorism without being provoked to it..

    Look at what I've banged on and on about re: DU use and the trans-national (important to remember that in this regard), caliphate....provocation... don't get me wrong (and I think you are being partial here), I am utterly opposed to the interference of NATO and its interventionism...they have created the conditions which have allowed Putin to continue to thrive..but to kow-tow to polarisations in order to oppose what is a global conspiracy of capital is worse than juvenile folks (I think Nafeez has got the wrong end of the stick here too but then no one is a paragon), ..

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