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    Eamonn Holmes on GB News: People will be 'disappointed if this record in temperatures isn't broken' Archived Message

    Posted by Ian M on July 18, 2022, 10:14 am

    At least they had a 'climate expert' on to talk about it - was expecting nothing but deniers when I looked at their youtube channel just now:

    Holmes (1:30): '[T]he story is not the one everybody was looking for today, and there's an awful part of me that looks at newspapers and thinks that these scary headlines just sell newspapers, that's what it's about. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people if this record in temperatures isn't broken today, won't there be?'

    A sample of the comments underneath:

    President Xi Jinping's pox doctor
    41c in Broken Hill is just another summers day.

    Meb III
    The fact he admitted there would be disappointment if temperatures didn't reach 40 degrees says it all.

    nola speaker
    Psychological warfare: instead of people relaxing and enjoying the Summer, they are in fear that the sky is going to fall on their heads!

    David Walters
    What I love about these type of broadcasts is reading the disparaging comments. I think he has plenty of hot air

    It's called summer, no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing

    The climate expert tells us it gets hot in the summer ! Wow thank you for that info that's worth it weight in gold 🙄

    Michael Skillington
    1975 and 76 the temperature stayed well over 36 degrees for weeks with some days going into the 40s.
    Of course that was before climate change and the money generated by carbon taxes.

    Collie House
    It’s never normally hot in summer. - Climate Expert.

    The key point he made was, the air is coming up from the Sahara. No wonder it's hot. Not like it's our normal south westerly wind bringing these temperatures.

    Anthony Nicholas
    What a load of rubbish he talks, ask him who pays his grants and what he has to prove for them, a grifter for sure, GB news i'm surprised at you falling for this.

    Graham Smith
    Antarctic is having the coldest winter on record and the summer temps in the Artic are below average, not a mention in the MSM except when there were a couple of higher than normal warmer days in Antartica, that was proof of Global Warming. From what I can make out the few days of warm weather we are getting is because a warm air mass has managed to reach us from the Sahara and will soon dissipate. We had Covid and Y2k now we are back to Climate Change, have you ever wondered why it was changed from Global Warming.

    Patrick Bateman
    Beautiful weather and I'm off to the beach 😎

    kafka kitty
    A lot of people like to go on holidays to places where it's sunny and hot.

    That must be science fiction. Lol. When my dad was travelling through the Libyan desert in 2006 he passed though a tiny village where a few years earlier the recorded shade temperature was 55" C (130" F).

    @Carling when I went to Egypt in 2010 it was 50c in the shade. This type of climate alarmists are very selective about which statistics they share.
    They’re making a big deal out of the first ever red warning for heat, they fail to mention that the red warning was only created last year.

    Mark Solway
    Bring it on. Make the most of it , you know it won't last. Guernsey tomorrow is rain and 21 deg

    T G
    Not really. The scare-mongering is ridiculous.

    Just look at the weather reports from the 70s/80s with similar temperatures. Go enjoy it!


    We are so ####ed.

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