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    A coup is being prepared against Zelensky Archived Message

    Posted by Tomski on July 19, 2022, 12:25 pm

    Not sure of the source and it may seem speculative, but it may be worth having a peep.

    Hints have been emerging here and there for several weeks now that Zelensky is becoming a ball and chain in seeking a way out of the war

    and this at the highest levels, not excluding Blinken, yet the Western narrative has invested too much in constructing a figure of an unblemished and fearless pseudo-hero to involve him in any negotiations that could hardly be passed off as some sort of victory over Russia, which the mainstream media would certainly attempt to do. Zelensky ceding Russian-speaking lands would smack of surrender and defeat beyond redemption. The baloney about fictional counteroffensives or the million men to be armed you don’t know what with and hurled at a Russia that is using a small fraction of its forces is now too big and too uncritically reported in the news media to be able to backtrack on the terrain of mythmaking. After all, the character-perfect Kagemusha after the third track-has been used precisely to further the continuation of an absurd war by bringing him to embody the uncompromising man who does not want to surrender a single inch of his country, except then to grant ambiguous rights to Poland. So if you want to engage in real negotiations you have to somehow get rid of him, almost as if Zelensky was another side of a coin on which Boris Johnson is also depicted, but achieving this is not easy and now they are beginning in the meantime to vacuum around him: the other day the former head of Kiev’s Crimean intelligence service, Oleg Kulinich, was arrested on suspicion of working for Russia. This was announced on Sunday by former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva, who drew attention to the fact that Kulinich is a protégé of the current service chief Ivan Bakanov, who, in turn, is a close friend of Zelensky. Another interesting detail is that the arrest was personally attended by the deputy head of the security serivizi Vasily Malyuk, who is a man of Ukraine’s former president Petro Poroshenko. All this indicates that the West is slowly beginning to unravel Zelensky’s team and change the Ukrainian government, again aiming as far as we can tell at Poroshenko, who among other things is also among the best friends of the Ukrainian chief of staff, Zaluzhny, who was strongly desired by NATO, which obviously had already created the conditions for a possible succession. Certainly Zelensky is irritating many Western politicians because he is constantly demanding arms and money but at the same time accusing the “partners” of doing too little to help Ukraine. when moreover nothing is known about the real destination of the arms sent, nor has the government in Kiev allowed the U.S. to track its armaments once they have ended up in Ukraine. How one can arrive without undue trauma to the NATO narrative at an ouster from the levers of Zelensky’s government is hard to imagine at this time, but it is likely that a further defeat on the front could trigger some sort of coup d’état and an accusation of incompetence on the part of the comedian and his team even though it is well known that any military decision is made by the Atlantic Alliance. In later on one can also add accusations of corruption, which moreover is the absolute norm in Ukraine, but it is difficult for the character to accept being subjected to this slow slaughter. One should not hide from the fact that the ideal way to get rid of the man would be by the ultimate sacrifice: probably Zelensky’s death at Russian hands is too perfect to be really sold without the danger of the altarpieces being uncovered later, but perhaps his killing by an isolated pro-Russian madman might be feasible. And that would solve many problems

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