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    The Forde Report Archived Message

    Posted by scrabb on July 19, 2022, 10:03 pm

    Two reactions to the Forde Report as reported in The Independent.

    One -- the quoted text from the report is the worst kind of convoluted committee-speak jargon and faux "legalese" platitudes you could imagine, all designed to sound learned and impartial but being very careful to spread the blame around so in the end it comes down to a matter of "interpretation". You say this but I say that. Some of the double-negative multi-clause sentences have to be read four or five times to extract what they might mean -- and then it's not entirely clear. A weaselly cowardly effort intended to shut down any debate and pretend it's been dealt with.

    Two -- where are The Names? No one is mentioned or identified. Not a single individual. It's all "senior staff at HQ" and "factional infighting between Whats App groups" and "paid officials of the Labour party". I want these buggers NAMED. Whoever wrote the report knows who they are. Tell us. Name the Names!

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