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    Tony G. gives Churchill a kicking Archived Message

    Posted by Keith-264 on July 21, 2022, 8:51 am

    Winston Churchill Ė a Mass Murderer whose Good Fortune was in waging war against an even Greater Murderer

    Decolonising Dunkirk Ė Genocidal White Supremacists at War with Each Other

    One of the things that stuck with me since living in Wales as a child was the hostility amongst Welsh workers to Churchill as a result of his sending the troops and police into the valleys to help the coal owners defeat the striking miners, some of whom were shot. Indeed during the General Election in 1945 Churchill was booed by workers. The myth of the much loved Winston is just that - a carefully crafted Tory myth.

    Churchillís reputation was made primarily in imperial affairs. It is indisputable that Churchill was primarily responsible for the slaughter at Gallipolli in 1915. [See Winston Churchillís World War Disaster]

    Previously there was his period as Home Secretary when he took personal control of the Sydney Street siege in January 1911. Two Latvian revolutionaries were holed up there and they were besieged by police and troops. When the building caught fire he ordered the fire brigade not to put the flames out and allowed those inside to burn to death. As Colonial Secretary he presided over Partition in Ireland and over the beginning of the Mandate in Palestine. In Palestine he introduced the murderous Black and Tans who had seen bloody service in Ireland.

    Adam Jones, editor of the Journal of Genocide Research, called Churchill "a genuine genocidaire", noting that he called Indians a "foul race" and said that the British air force chief should "send some of his surplus bombers to destroy them." [Jones, Adam (2016-12-16). "Chapter 2 State and Empire; War and Revolution". Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction. Routledge]

    Whether it was sending in the army to protect the coal owners in Wales or presiding over the famine in Bengal in 1942, Churchill was a mass murderer. Churchillís whole career had been dedicated to the preservation of the Empire and the privileges of his class. In January 1931 he resigned from the Conservative Shadow Cabinet over self-government for India. Ctd....

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