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    Caitlin Johnstone: The Heritage Foundation is an enemy of humanity. Archived Message

    Posted by Morrissey on July 21, 2022, 1:13 pm

    The war in Ukraine and other recent events have shown the true colors of China, Iran, and Russia. These dangerous regimes want a world without America and have the capability and intent to unsettle the peace of America’s homeland. Their aggressive actions threaten America’s freedom and prosperity and put American lives at risk. It is that stark. The United States is in a new kind of war. It needs a national strategy that recognizes that reality and delivers a strong response. Contemporary events suggest that President Joe Biden’s approach is failing to keep America free, safe, and prosperous. His strategies are either missing or inadequate. The United States needs to take a different course.


    1) As China, Russia, and Iran work toward a world without America, together they present a graver threat to America than the Soviet Union.

    2) The West must wake up and realize the status quo will not protect its interests; its end must be to eliminate the credible, present threat these adversaries pose.

    3] America needs a national strategy to build a strong military, strengthen its free society, and ignite an economy independent of its adversaries.

    ad nauseam....

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    • Caitlin Johnstone: The Heritage Foundation is an enemy of humanity. - Morrissey July 21, 2022, 1:13 pm