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    Lee Camp US Missiles to Ukraine End Up With Terrorists Archived Message

    Posted by Raskolnikov on July 22, 2022, 7:28 am

    (Also covers the Maté v fraudian latest and other stuff too).

    This refers to the recently released video that shows supposed Albanian gangsters flogging a load of missiles out of the back of his car; missiles which came from the US for Ukraine to shoot at Russians.

    Of course the usual suspects are out claiming this is all "disinformation":

    The account is anonymous, but appears to follow dozens of pro-Kremlin or Russian-propaganda accounts.

    Many of its posts are screenshots or citations of the statements and press releases (many containing misinformation) from Russian military officials and channels, raising legitimate questions about the user's agenda or trustworthiness.

    Talk about smear by association. Not one concrete fact mentioned just "they follow other people we don't like". Pathetic.

    Additionally, while Newsweek has not been able to verify the video independently, the footage itself appears to contain a number of red flags that put big question marks over its provenance and authenticity.

    Speaking of Red flags, starting out with "we don't have a clue if it's true or not" doesn't make you feel like you are dealing with people that know what's what.

    Firstly, the footage does not actually feature any of the weapons named, only the launch pads and disposable Javelin tubes are visible, making it hard to verify if the cases in fact contain the weapons that the seller is listing, or if they are empty.

    The men featured in the video are conversing in Ukrainian, but as a number of native Ukrainian speakers pointed out to Newsweek, the main speaker's speech sounds 'awkward.'

    The native speakers note that while the accent is more reminiscent of Eastern Ukraine dialects, his "turn of phrase" and choice idioms are closer to speakers from Western parts of the country.

    LOLOLOL. I get it now. We can't see the warheads so they must be empty. Also "a number of native Ukranian speakers"...who shall remain anonymous so I'm sure we can take it for granted that there is no bias there.

    The smearing continues. They are going to town so much that it almost proves there is some fire to go with the smoke.

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