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    Re: For those about to rock, NAM 2.0 salutes you Archived Message

    Posted by Tomski on July 23, 2022, 3:52 pm, in reply to " For those about to rock, NAM 2.0 salutes you"

    Two interesting ideas that I picked out of this piece from Pepe during my brief read. The first was the NAM 2.0. NAM 1.0 started in Bandung in 1955 and as the Non-aligned movement hit the road. It didnít last long in Indonesia i.e. CIA and proxies took over in 1965-66 massacring a million leftists. Possibly another decade in other NAM nations until the Empire strangled them.

    The second is this revival of the trading corridor between Iran and Russia, using Black and Caspian Seas and Volga route. To be noted that Crimea and Azov Sea were also very important nodes in this trading route. Iíd say this route has been used for about 15 odd centuries when the agriculture and Iron Age became the thing. Comparable to the ancient Silk Road.

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