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    Re: Oborne: Labour's Forde report is devastating on factional war against Corbyn Archived Message

    Posted by scrabb on July 24, 2022, 12:40 pm, in reply to "Oborne: Labour's Forde report is devastating on factional war against Corbyn"

    Forde is the second major non-partisan document to provide evidence suggesting that Corbyn has been the victim of a grotesque miscarriage of justice

    No shit, Sherlock. And does the Pope crap in the woods?

    The Forde Report, and Oborne's (and others') painstaking analysis of it are all completely redundant. In fact spending so much time and effort as Oborne does gives this spurious document a credibility and legitimacy it doesn't merit. The report also confirms by its talk of "education" within the Party that Labour has deep anti-semitism problems. When it plainly doesn't -- every survey shows that Labour is less AS than the general population at large and markedly less than the Tories. End of story.

    The one true salient lesson I've drawn from the prolonged saga of this manufactured smear job was when I read something about Karl Rove*, who was an advisor to Donald Rumsfeld. Rove said that, rather than attacking your opponent at his weakest point (which would be the logical tactic and plain common sense) you attack him at his strongest. The anti-Corbyn pack such as Hodges and Mann and Watson took that out of the Republican playbook and ran with it -- attacking a man with a lifelong record as an anti-racist (on all fronts) and accusing him of anti-semitism. Brilliant! At the time I remember thinking, This is stupid. They'll never make such a ridiculous charge stick, everybody knows he isn't. What I hadn't reckoned with was the relentless power of the corporate media avalanche, battering the public day after day after day .... and Corbyn's and McDonnell's spineless "defence" which amounted to an admission of guilt and a craven plea of apology and a pledge to "root out" antisemitism within the party.

    *[I'm trusting to memory that it was indeed Karl Rove who gave this advice]

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