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    Posted by scrabb on July 25, 2022, 9:31 pm, in reply to "Craig Murray Forde Report some more interesting BTLs"

    However the consequences of unchecked wealth inequality, destruction of worker and popular rights, environmental destruction and of violent neo-Imperialism abroad, are likely to strike the general population with ferocity this winter. I am not sure people are prepared for the level of calamity that is unfurling.

    By a happy chance, earlier in the day before reading the above, I had been looking at an Ordnance Survey map of Rochdale (my home town) dated 1908. On the back of the map was a potted history of the town that covered its main events in some detail. These paragraphs seemed to have some relevance to Craig's observations, and struck me as perhaps a portent of what to expect. Here they are:

    By the early 19th century living and working conditions in Rochdale were so poor as to encourage general unrest, and for the first half of that century the town would become a centre for radical thought. This would be intensified in the 1840s when many weavers saw their incomes fall disastrously.

    Earlier relations between town and church had deteriorated when Thomas Drake, the local vicar, called out the militia to quell bread riots in 1795, leading him to be blamed for the deaths of two rioters. Drake, who was also a magistrate, summoned the military from Halifax on another occasion and over the next few years, as elsewhere in the area, there were several disturbances.

    Matters were not helped in 1819 when in an act of crass insensitivity, Drake’s successor was named as the Rev Dr Hay, the very man who had called out the troops for the Peterloo Massacre, when 11 demonstrators were killed in Manchester in 1817.

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