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    Berletic: British Challenger Tank Destroyed in Ukraine + Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive Archived Message

    Posted by sashimi on September 7, 2023, 5:00 am

    Brian references this Telegraph piece: MoD kept failure of best tank quiet | 13 May 2007

    One of the British Army's Challenger 2 tanks was pierced by an Iraqi insurgent
    missile more than eight months earlier than the Government has previously

    The Ministry of Defence had claimed that an attack last month that breached a
    tank's armour was the first of its kind in four years of war in Iraq. But
    another Challenger 2 was pierced by a powerful rocket-propelled grenade in
    August last year during an attack that blew off part of a soldier's foot and
    injured several others.

    The injured soldier's family has accused the Government of a cover-up and
    demanded to know why soldiers manning Challenger 2 tanks had not been warned of
    the failings with the tank's armour.
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    Now to Brian's vid:
    Update on the conflict in Ukraine for September 6, 2023
    * Western media is attempting to depict small gains in Russia's security zone as
    "breaching the first defensive line;"

    * Ukraine's offensive has culminated, the last of its brigades prepared for the
    offensive are now engaged and suffering heavy losses;

    * Among these losses is a confirmed loss of a British Challenger 2 tank;

    * The main obstacle for Ukraine is its Western sponsors' limited military
    industrial output and their inability to sufficiently expand it in the short,
    intermediate, or even long-term;


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