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    Simplicius: Dire New Western Reports Call to Ditch NATO Tactics Archived Message

    Posted by sashimi on September 9, 2023, 6:06 am

    Lede: Plus a roundup of other grist from the Western propaganda mill

    I wanted to do a roundup of the most trenchantly interesting releases from the
    Western military pundit-sphere regarding Russian tactics and their putative
    'evolution', as well as outlooks on the conflict's future.

    The first big one making waves is from RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), a
    military thinktank which calls itself the "oldest defense and security think
    tank in the world," having been founded by the Duke of Wellington in 1831.

    Their latest "special report" gives a considered update on Ukraine's
    counteroffensive. They start off with the admission that Ukraine is suffering
    "from heavy rates of equipment loss" but... "the design of armored fighting
    vehicles supplied by its international partners is preventing this from
    converting inot a high number of killed personnel."

    This is the latest throughline adopted by the West as an attempt to buoy morale
    in the AFU. You'll notice that after the Challenger 2's first ever kill the
    other day, the "cope" from the newly appointed British defense minister is that,
    well, at least the crew survived.

    Though it is a digression, let me explain why I believe he's lying, because it
    gets to the heart of the topic.

    The footage of the actual Challenger kill was released, and was purportedly done
    by a Kornet ATGM, which created a large explosion:

    The important thing that people have pointed out, is if you look at the photos
    of the killed tank, it appears that the turret has actually been completely
    detached from the hull and is sitting on the edge of the side in a way it's not
    supposed to be:


    The point is that for a turret to catastrophically separate from the hull in
    such a way would mean an explosion of a sort that likely no one survived. Not to
    mention there appears to be a huge hole where the commander's hatch should be,
    which also points to a real bad detonation.
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