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    Lee Camp & Chris Hedges on the conformism of modern comedy Archived Message

    Posted by Ian M on September 11, 2023, 11:47 pm

    Good to see these two together, both making insightful points as you would expect. Haven't been watching Camp so much since the demise of Redacted Tonight, mainly because the long podcast format doesn't appeal so much. Criminal that such a talent - and so many others - has been so completely shut out of societal discourse and even the possibility of earning a living. Will they ever get the recognition they deserve? Camp observes:

    'the ruling elite are less able to handle critiques as the empire crumbles'

    And Hedges refers to communist Germany, the soviet union and nazi Germany and their inability to tolerate even the mildest form of criticism. You wouldn't think it to look around but really we're in a similar place already. People aren't getting shipped off to a concentration camp and killed, but only because the means of silencing, demonising and marginalising have been so effective that the elites don't have to take the trouble to take that extra step (though the threat is always there, eg: Assange). Will people remember the secret, forbidden jokes in the years to come, treasured as they were in the communist countries? (See Milan Kundera's novel, 'The Joke' for a good example.) And the same question for dissident journalism and politics, ranting and raving on the margins of the internet to about 10 people, having been shunted down to page 20 of google's search results. It's got to count for something, surely?


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