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    Second Challenger? Archived Message

    Posted by Ken Waldron on September 12, 2023, 9:58 pm

    This may be a pic of the second Challenger casualty: note the turret has been massively displaced, whereas with the first it was hard to tell. Kornet missiles apparently, which export at 25000 a pop.
    So... that's an exchange rate of less than 50,000 Russian for 10 million British... in the economics of war, Blighty is not doing so well.


    Translation courtesy of Zlatti71:

    "Defective Challenger 2 Tank Loses Front Armor Panel, Raising Concerns About British Armor Quality

    During combat operations in the Eastern European theater, the performance of British Challenger 2 tanks has come under scrutiny, particularly after two of them were destroyed by Russian anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) 'Kornet,' highlighting significant vulnerabilities.

    Social media and forums have been abuzz with reports that the first of the destroyed tanks had its front hull armor panel detached, and an internal ammunition explosion tore off the multi-ton turret. This has raised questions about the combat effectiveness of a vehicle that has long been touted as the gold standard of armored protection. In practice, it appears to have little advantage over previous-generation counterparts.

    Challenger 2's combat record was primarily against less formidable opponents during the 2003 Iraq War, facing Soviet-era T-55 tanks and Chinese Type 69-I/II tanks armed with outdated anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades and guided missiles like the 'Malutka.' However, when confronted by a modern military equipped with potent anti-tank capabilities such as the 'Kornet' missile system, British armor faced a humiliating defeat. This may explain the reluctance to deploy these tanks into the frontlines for so long.

    Currently, out of the 14 units supplied, only 12 remain in service, and there are no plans for further deliveries. Online, some humorously refer to the remaining tanks as the 'Twelve Friends of Zelensky.'

    The unfortunate fate of these multi-ton 'gifts' has had a demoralizing effect on Americans, leading to delays in the delivery of their M1A1 Abrams tanks. It seems likely that these tanks will be sent to Ukraine when the Ukrainian Armed Forces exhaust other options, and the autumn thaw provides an opportunity to exclude the use of heavy armored vehicles."

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