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    Posted by scrabb on September 13, 2023, 12:07 am

    Laura has a new series on the BBC, State of Chaos, about the implosion of the Tory party post-Brexit. I was in three minds about watching it because I can't stand the smug superior "I'm important because I'm on the inside and I know all the important people" air she carries with her, like a bad smell but I did watch the first one because it gives an interesting glimpse of what was really going on behind the scenes. But there was one section where I just goggled in amazement and disbelief when they covered the snap election May called to bolster her parliamentary numbers and it ended with her losing her slender majority -- the 2017 election of course. And while there was a very brief scene -- a few seconds at most -- showing Corbyn at a campaigning rally (while the voice-over talked about something else), Corbyn's name, nor Labour, nor the fact that Labour's spectacular showing brought them within a few thousand votes of winning -- NONE OF THIS WAS MENTIONED OR EVEN HINTED AT. It just said May had miscalculated and the Tory party had torn itself asunder. And I realised that, even now, six years later, with Corbyn all but buried ten feet deep politically, the BBC/Establishment still can't bring themselves to dare to admit how close he and Labour came to power, which tells you how shit-scared they were of him then -- and still are. He is still toxic and off-limits.

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