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    Lol, 'Sarah' Ashton-Cirillo suspended Archived Message

    Posted by Ian M on September 22, 2023, 6:35 pm

    h/t Glenn Greenwald, who I notice is still v careful to use gender neutral language in referring to this loon:


    Defense of Ukraine @DefenceU
    Junior Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo has been suspended from the duties of the spokesperson of the @TDF_UA while an investigation is underway.

    Ukraine Territorial Defense Forces @TDF_UA
    1/3 Statement of the Command of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding some statements of the spokesperson of the TDF, Junior Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

    2/3 The statements of JSgt Ashton-Cirillo in recent days were not approved by the command of the TDF or the command of the AFU. When conducting military operations against the aggressor, the defense forces of Ukraine strictly observe the norms of international humanitarian law.
    Ukraine Territorial Defense Forces

    3/3 The command of the TDF will conduct an official investigation into the circumstances of these statements. Appropriate decisions would be taken.
    Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo will be suspended immediately pending the investigation.


    V hard to find the vid on youtube for some reason (hmmm...) but Breaking Points covered it, albeit with Krystal pouring cold water on Saagar's amusement:

    Previous vids here for the masochists:


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