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    Re: What a f*ing nightmare... (nm) Archived Message

    Posted by johnlilburne on September 24, 2023, 3:36 pm, in reply to "What a f*ing nightmare... (nm)"

    At an unimaginable 240 decibels, they are among the loudest sounds humans can produce. For comparison: these are louder than the sound produced by the explosion of an atomic bomb. To map the acquisition area, hundreds of thousands of such blasts are required. The guns fire every ten seconds, 24 hours a day, for months on end. At this rate the number of blasts adds up quickly.

    Horrific. We are not only content to destroy our own civilisation through greed and stupidity but exhibit callous indifference towards the other forms of life with whom we share this planet.

    'Biodiversity loss' is a sick euphemism.

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