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    Re: Brand's crazy conspiracy theories Archived Message

    Posted by Dovetail Joint on September 26, 2023, 3:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Brand's crazy conspiracy theories"

    As in the United States, not surprisingly, we're in a culture-war, with quasi-religious overtones relating to the... 'Truth.'

    The left has morphed into 'progs' or self-proclaimed 'progressives' who think they represent the future, the right side of history, today we've moved on, and other banalities.

    The Progs embraced gender and identity because that was the only area left to them after 'Green' politics failed to capture the imagination of the voters.

    Brand, once so popular on the 'left' with those who like slogans and labels, has been increasingly idetified as... suspect, because he reached out to people who didn't normally identify as 'left'.

    The 'left' are committing suicide by abandoning 'class politics' and handing vast swathes of the public to the nationalist rightwing, like Trump, on a silver platter. It truly beggars belief.

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