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    Posted by Ken Waldron on September 27, 2023, 2:02 am, in reply to ""You'd be very unwise to believe a word Keir Starmer ever says" -- Peter Oborne Video"

    He's promising a policy vacuum and I reckon he'll deliver on that.

    The most interesting thing he said recently :

    "He calls on those on the traditional left to accept that, once in power, economic growth, investment and wealth creation will be the “only show in town” if Labour is to build a prosperous country with strong public services for the long term.

    “Frankly, the left has to start caring a lot more about growth, about creating wealth, attracting inward investment and kickstarting a spirit of enterprise,” he says.

    “It is the only show in town for those who dream of a brighter future.”

    You have to read this in terms of negatives: in other words no tax reform: not even a reversal of the latest Tory freebie giveaway for the rich, no increase in public spending, no increases for education, health etc

    Merely waffle about how the magic of capitalism through some kind of projected future "economic growth" will make us all better off...oh and "...attracting inward investment" which possibly means he has his eye on flogging something off to US multinationals: probably more of the Health Service.

    He doesn't explain how this "economic growth" is suddenly going to take off under a Labour government. It hasn't under the Tories and hes the continuity candidate: one that has effectively already declared a moratorium on spending and government investment.

    So.. how do you attempt it?: more tax breaks for aforesaid multinationals I suspect...err...and that's it.
    I sometimes wonder which narrow segment of the population he's aiming his "nothings" at.
    -Does anyone at all believe in this hopeless empty drone?

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