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    Re: Chas W. Freeman, Jr: The Many Lessons of the Ukraine War Archived Message

    Posted by Dovetail Joint on October 2, 2023, 6:56 am, in reply to "Chas W. Freeman, Jr: The Many Lessons of the Ukraine War"

    One would have imagined that years ago, something like this, clearly liberal ananlysis, might have appeared in The Guardian or some other 'liberal' publication; the London Review of Books perhaps?

    It's not as if it's some raving leftwing piece. It's liberal/conservative, hardly radical. It only seems so because the so-called liberal media has lurched so far to the neo-con right and totally abandoned sober and realistic analysis in favour of dogma, ideology and wishful thinking.

    This kind of analysis should be the foundation of all liberal thought about what's happening in Ukraine and why; sadly it isn't, far from it.

    Will there, I wonder, ever be an honest reckoning about why liberals and vast swathes of the soft left jumped so foolishly on the latest western war juggernaut?

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