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    Will Schryver: Flirting with Disaster. Archived Message

    Posted by Ken Waldron on October 29, 2023, 1:15 am

    -We all know its possible: but of course we all hope it's unlikely or indeed a bluff, but we are also all aware that our government's are fronted by the most supine and senile fools in living memory who are themselves advised by a bevy of fellow warmongering fantasists.

    Hubris leads to Nemesis:

    Will Schryver

    Flirting with Disaster

    The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group has transited the Straits of Gibraltar and is racing to join the USS Gerald R. Ford CSG in the eastern Mediterranean. When it arrives, the US/NATO will have assembled a fleet of no fewer than 73 ships, including the 30+ NATO ships taking part in the Dynamic Mariner exercises off the coast of Italy.

    This is, I believe, the largest US/NATO assemblage of warships in at least the past half-century.

    In addition to the many support ships, the following major warships are present:

    2 US supercarriers (Ford and Eisenhower)
    2 VTOL aircraft carriers (USS Bataan and ITS Cavour)
    2 Guided-missile cruisers
    11 Guided-missile destroyers
    Several frigates

    There are also undoubtedly a large number of submarines present, each one of which packs substantial stand-off firepower.

    I will once again emphasize that this fleet is not being assembled in order to assist the Israelis in their ongoing project to destroy HAMAS and the 2.5 million inhabitants of Gaza.

    In my view, this powerful fleet can have only one possible mission: to eradicate all Russian, Iranian, and Iranian-affiliated military power currently present in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

    Needless to say, these are extremely portentous developments that entail great risk of plunging the world into the biggest and most destructive war in human history.

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