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    Pepe Escobar: Iran-Russia set a western trap in Palestine Archived Message

    Posted by sashimi on October 30, 2023, 2:41 pm

    27 Oct 2023

    Even more eye-opening was Hamas' visit to Moscow this week, which was met with
    impotent Israeli fury. The Hamas delegation was headed by a member of its
    Politburo, Abu Marzouk. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri came
    especially from Tehran and met two of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's key
    deputies, Sergei Ryabkov and Mikhail Galuzin.

    That spells out Hamas, Iran, and Russia negotiating at the same table.

    Hamas has called on the millions of Palestinians in the diaspora, as well as the
    whole Arab world and all lands of Islam, to unite. Slowly but surely, a pattern
    may be discerned: could the Arab world - and great swathes of Islam - be on the
    verge of significantly uniting to avenge their own "century of humiliation" -
    much as the Chinese did after WWII with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping?


    The heart of the matter in any Russian-Iran strategy is the Strait of Hormuz,
    through which transits at least 20 percent of the world's oil (nearly 17 million
    barrels a day) plus 18 percent of liquified natural gas (LNG), which amounts to
    at least 3.5 billion cubic feet a day.

    Iran is able to block the Strait of Hormuz in a flash. For starters, that would
    be some sort of poetic justice retribution for Israel aiming to gobble up,
    illegally, all the multibillion-dollar natural gas discovered offshore Gaza:
    this is, incidentally, one of the absolutely key reasons for the ethnic
    cleansing of Palestine.

    Yet the real deal will be to bring down the Wall Street-engineered $618 trillion
    derivative structure, as confirmed for years by analysts at Goldman Sachs and JP
    Morgan, as well as independent Persian Gulf energy traders.

    So when push comes to shove - and way beyond the defense of Palestine and in a
    scenario of Total War - not only Russia-Iran but key players of the Arab world
    about to become members of BRICS 11 - such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE - do have
    what it takes to bring down the US financial system anytime they choose.
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