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    Re: This is a moment of great moral clarity Archived Message

    Posted by Dovetail Joint on October 31, 2023, 7:51 pm, in reply to "Re: This is a moment of great moral clarity"

    I understand what you mean. I was going to use the label 'Jewish people', but they do describes them selves as 'Jews' too.

    I dunno. I was thinking about how the media talks about Russians as a group, how, if one substituted 'Jew' instead of Russian, the racism would be obvious, even to the obtuse fuckers that inhabit our dreadful media. It was precisely the labeling difference that interested me.

    Actually, I didn't need to mention the Russians at all, just look at the way Jewish people/Israelis, right up to their horrible president, talk about the Palestinians. Their language and labels is brazenly racist and disgraceful, but you won't hear anyone challenging them and their vile views in our media. They... the Israelis, not all of them of course, are a privilegd group who are allowed by 'us' to literally, get away with murder.

    In fact it's worse. They are allowed to get away with ethnic cleansing, virtual genocide, murdering thousands of innocent and defenceless children, threatening to level hospitals... the fucking list goes on and on!

    This happens because the Jewish State, which is what the politicians proudly call it, is protected by Washington as a special client state, that's why the Europeans and the rest of the West bow down to Israel like dogs.

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