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    Re: JC: Mounting evidence suggests Israel may be ready to ‘cleanse’ Gaza Archived Message

    Posted by Dovetail Joint on November 1, 2023, 8:24 pm, in reply to "JC: Mounting evidence suggests Israel may be ready to ‘cleanse’ Gaza"

    One can't help but smile, wryly, at the brazen audaciousness of this latest 'Nakba' plot hatched in Jerusalem and Washington.

    It all seems to be based on a questionable premise, that the Palestinians will 'agree' to move out of Sinai and hand over what's left of their homeland to Israel. What it they don't? What if they stand and fight to the last? This would appear to be their only chance of denying Israel total victory and wiping Palestine off the map. What if the Palestinians don't play ball?

    I was thinking that the latest Palestinian uprising reminds me a lot of the raging attack of the Icini and Queen Boudica, when she raised Colchester to the ground and massacred the Roman inhabitants, according to the Roman version of events, which is probably as propagandised as the Israeli account of the October 7 battles.

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