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    Re: Gaza: BBC verifies attacks in areas of ‘safety’ Archived Message

    Posted by RaskolnikovX on November 2, 2023, 7:35 am, in reply to " Gaza: BBC verifies attacks in areas of ‘safety’ "

    It's good that they, eventually, put this on record but I see they were back to service as usual when it came to the IDF response:

    IDF Response

    The BBC provided specific locations and dates to the IDF for each of the strikes highlighted in the article.

    We asked if these locations had been struck by IDF forces and whether warnings had been given prior to these attacks.

    In its response the IDF said it "cannot provide any further information regarding these specific locations".

    ...and we just accepted that.

    Still, at least it's been reported; since the "war" has increasingly become Israel murdering civiliians en masse the reporting has been reduced to a very low level as if the story is over now, nothing to see here, etc.

    At the fraudian the main spread on Gaza is "Biden calls for pause in conflict as the US promises more foreign nationals will exit Gaza in the coming days" as if that's the most important thing; get the foreigners out.

    The other two headlines are, "‘We heard the missile come’: tensions rise on Israel’s northern border" again framed from Israeli points of view talking of potential conflict with Lebanon.

    and "Why Egypt has not fully opened its Gaza border for fleeing Palestinians"

    It's been the same for days now; because to report the main story would force them to write "Israel continues to bomb Gaza killing hundreds of women and children a day".


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