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    Posted by Jase on 13/8/2012, 6:47 pm, in reply to "wellington fishing"

    What's the rain been like in the ranges? Make some calls to locals and assess the area. Southeast can be ok if its not too bad. The actual swell size and direction would be more an issue, and water quality.

    Wellington has lots of inshore beaches that are semi sheltered. The problem is catching much from shore during this time of year. My pick would be Makara or Pukerua Bay heading south. Berley the crap out of the place. You might be surprised.

    With the amount of rain the Manawatu and Rangitikei has had I'd stay away from the rivers, but they all disperse south. Wanganui currents head south too, and it roughs up bad. West would be your best bet if the swell allows and the SE is too big. Santoft could produce. I know that beach very well having fished it for 30 years. If its fishable your best bet is off Fusilier Rd. Watch out for local whitebaiters on the small streams along the beach. If they are fishable they'll be on them.

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