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    Posted by Jase on 13/8/2012, 7:17 pm, in reply to "Re: wellington fishing"

    Walk around past the beach to the left. There are several rocky points to try. It produces great trevally and kahawai as well as the usual red cod. I've also seen kingis and snapper caught there. If its a really calm day walk out right out to the seaward side of the point on the left, and even head further south towards Ohau bay. If you want to catch fish in Wellington you need to put some effort in. Its a very small area and a lot of people are competing for that space. In saying that parking your butt on Miramar wharf has produced more than one exceptional days fishing. Other options are Kau and Mahanga Bays, or anywhere from Oriental Bay's southern point onto Evans Bay Pde. Warehou are common this time of year too. Usually a mid water fish you could try float fishing with small strip baits and a variable line length. Try tying a small piece of wool onto your main line and wind it onto your reel, set at whatever depth you want to fish. Attach a float that allows a running line through it and put a small 1/4oz or 1/2oz sinker above your hook to keep it down. Experiment. Get out there and try some spots.

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